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John Bauer is an award winning ceramic design artist who's piece go really well with the hemp lifestyle; weather you're using his art bowls to process your cannabis buds for rolling, using his tiles to decorate your hemp house, or simply putting his beads on your hemp string to make designer necklaces, you'll be happy to have his designs in your world.
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Collectable Matchbox Tiles

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Top Quality Ceramic Bowls

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Hand Made Designer Beads

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EARTHED by Dean Coney
Sustainable design inspired by Nature

The urge to reconnect with nature plays out in a variety of our designs and natural colour palettes. EARTHED suggests there's a strong link to the farm-to-table movement that now extends to sustainable furniture that ground us as consumer trends become increasing "homegrown". Our philosophy is placing trust in the skilful hands of our craftsmen who lead every single step of the manufacturing process and choose the very finest re-claimed raw hardwood based on our clients' brief for timeless existence. Where casual sophistication meets sustainability, don't call us Green just call us Conscious.
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Residential Designs

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Art as Furniture

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Commercial Works

About the only thing you can't do is ignore them. Because they change things.
John Appleseed
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